Perth Domestic Airport - July 2010

While working around a very tight plane schedule, we installed monitoring wells on four plane parking ramps at the Perth Domestic Airport for BP-Air

We were required to work extremely efficiently to ensure that we completed each site in plenty of time to allow flights to remain on schedule.

All sites had to be meticulously cleaned at the end of installation to prevent foreign object damage (FOD) to the jet engines.

Rio Tinto Salt - November 2009

Rio Tinto Salt's Lake MacLeod operation is one of the largest mining leases in the world at 219,200 hectares.

We combined Rio Tinto Salt's Dampier and Lake MacLeod investigations into one job despite them being 800 kilometres apart. The distances between sites can be seen on this map. Lake MacLeod proved to be the biggest challenge due to the vast distances between sites in the hottest part of the year. Despite the challenges faced, we still managed to complete the job ahead of schedule